Writing Diamonds: Your Content Marketing Gems

Writing Diamonds are the gems about your business that you share online.

These gems tell the stories about your expertise, your products and services, and why your customers trust and support you. And like natural diamonds, writing diamonds come in all different shapes, sizes and qualities.

With the rise of marketing on the Internet, many businesses pour time and money into building an online presence. Done well, you can grow your brand awareness and customer base quickly. But sadly not all businesses know how to market properly online and end up wasting precious resources and losing credibility.

Do You Throw Marketing Rocks at Your Target Audience?

Too many businesses get online marketing wrong. This results in them repelling, rather than attracting, their target market.

You've heard the horror stories, which include:

  • spending hours each week posting on social media, but only getting a few followers.
  • sending out regular email newsletters, but the result is lots of unsubscribes.
  • paying for online marketing campaigns, but not selling enough to cover the costs.
  • investing thousands with Internet "experts", but the clicks never convert into sales.

The list goes on, and all result in a poor return on your marketing dollar (or time) investment. The reason is because this type of marketing is like throwing rocks at your target audience... and most people don't like getting hit by rocks!

We Transform Your Rocks into Valuable Diamonds

Writing Diamonds provides Services, Mentoring, and Training in all facets of content marketing and book publishing. We add sparkle to your content, and empower you to develop effective content marketing strategies, publish authoritative books, and build your brand credibility.

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Don't Throw Rocks...

Writing Diamonds Ltd

...Deliver Diamonds!

Content Marketing is...

...the strategic approach to sharing valuable, relevant and consistent content to build trust with and retain your target audience, and convert them into loyal customers.


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