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Writing Diamonds

Write, Edit, Publish, Share

Writing Diamonds are the valuable gems hidden within you. They make your heart sing, and when shared with others, their hearts sing too.

With advances in technology, the power of the written word is even more important than before. More and more communication is being conducted via email and other message systems, through social and business networks, websites, and other publishing platforms.

What you write, as well as how you write it, can make—or break—relationships, reputations and credibility. The written word has the ability to inspire, motivate, and even save lives.  It also has the power to do the opposite.

At Writing Diamonds, we believe the written word is to be used for good. To inform, educate, entertain, and empower the reader. This is why we refer to publishable content as "writing diamonds", and why we provide services to help you transform your rocks into valuable published diamonds.

Don't Throw Rocks...

Writing Diamonds Ltd

...Deliver Diamonds!

Cut, polish, and publish your valuable gems

We can work with you at any stage of the writing process by providing writing, editing, publishing, and marketing services and consulting.

However, we encourage you to invest time and energy into writing your own content to the point where you feel ready to hand it onto the experts. This helps you to develop your own voice, as well as clarity in your thinking and the message you want to share.

Once you have clarity, we can help you with editing and proofreading your work, as well as production and publication in a variety of formats through various distribution channels.

Looking for Training?

Develop your writing skills at KESWIN™ Academy (formerly Writing Diamonds Academy).

KESWIN™ Academy is our membership site that helps you identify what makes your heart sing, and how to build a passion-based venture through writing.


Note:  These testimonials are from individuals and organisations we have worked with over the years. Some are from members of Writing Diamonds Academy, which has now been rebranded as KESWIN™ Academy.