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» Our Purpose «

Writing Diamonds Ltd empowers you to build your passion-based business through content marketing and book publishing.

» Our 4Cs Values «

Credibility  Craftsmanship Connection Change

What Are Writing Diamonds?

First of all, Writing Diamonds are the valuable gems that you have created and hidden deep within yourself. They form throughout you lifetime, as a result of your education, experiences, work, hobbies, etc.

The most noteworthy ones are the rough diamonds that you create from whatever makes your heart-sing. This is because you find joy in sharing them with others.

At Writing Diamond Ltd, we encourage and empower our clients to build passion-based businesses through our content marketing and book publishing services.

Furthermore, our clients become go-to experts in their community. This is due to the fact that they focus on building their authoritative brands. As a result, they create and offer unique products and services from their valuable rough diamonds.

Therefore, if you want to share through writing and publishing whatever makes your heart sing, then please continue exploring our website. And when you're ready to transform your writing rocks into published diamonds, please contact us.

Writing Diamonds Ltd is part of the KESWIN™ Group of companies, founded by Deb Donnell.

Keswin Publishing Ltd

KESWIN™ Academy (formerly Writing Diamonds Academy)

Our Founder

Writing Diamonds Ltd was founded by Deb Donnell, a New Zealand based author, publisher, content marketing and book publishing consultant. She is passionate about empowering individuals to discover what makes their heart sing, and then building passion-based ventures though writing and publishing.

Will You Become Part of Our Journey?

Writing Diamonds Ltd invites you to build your passion-based business with us.

Please continue reading through our site to learn more about us, or Contact Us to discuss how we can help you transform your writing rocks into valuable published diamonds!

Testimonials About Writing Diamonds Ltd

Note: Testimonials and other content on this website may contain references to Writing Diamonds Ltd's membership community, Writing Diamonds Academy, which has now been rebranded as KESWIN™ Academy.


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