Find Your Why (Your Life Purpose)

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If you plan to find your Why (your life Purpose), you need to go on a personal development journey. You may be starting from a place of procrastination, self-doubt, and being part of the crowd. However, if you have the courage to undertake the search, you will discover motivation, confidence, and self-leadership. You may even succeed at transforming your dreams into reality.

Find Your Why with Writing DiamondsWhy is it important to find your Why?

We are here to live a life of meaning and purpose, to grow into being the best human being you can be, and to build a legacy to leave behind.

People who are part of the crowd are assimilated into doing, thinking, and acting as everyone else does. They live an unfulfilling life of meaningless existence. They go through the motions of living, day after day, until they hit retirement. Then they shuffle through the ‘golden’ years, waiting to die, never having made a significant contribution to the world.

But not you. You have arrived on this page because you want to find your Why. This will not be an easy journey (personal development and growth never is), but you know it will be a rewarding one.

Where do you find your Why?

Your Why is hidden deep within the unconscious part of your mind. At Writing Diamonds, we refer to this as your ‘Diamond Formation Zone’. This is where everything you have learned and experienced throughout your life has been stored. Over time, the raw elements have transformed into rocks, minerals and diamonds.

To find your Why requires a period of deep self-reflection and analysis of these rocks, minerals and diamonds. In order to do this, you need to bring them up to the surface of your conscious mind, where you will assess them, with a focus on looking for the positive, passionate, and empowering indicators and gems.

How Does Writing Diamonds help you find your Why?

Writing Diamonds has developed a 7 week personal development module (Diamond Creator), which guides you into your Diamond Formation Zone to find your Why. You will get the tools, strategies and resources needed to identify what you are good at, what you love, what you can be paid for, and what the world needs. This concept is known as your reason for being, or as the Japanese call it “ikigai”.

Ikigai, in the Japanese sense, often has nothing to do with work or income, but it does focus on the idea of having a purpose in life (or a Why).

The Diamond Creator Module focuses fully on helping you find your Why. It is the foundation for all of our content marketing and book publishing courses. Even if you don’t plan to start a business, or write a book, you will benefit from spending 7 weeks in this personal development module.

To learn more about how Writing Diamonds can help you find your why please contact us.

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