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"The danger of the Web is that you can go from idea to public announcement in under ten minutes."
―Seth Godin

Publishing your writing diamonds should never be a hurried process. It seems like you spend a lot of time writing, rewriting, and editing your work. However, it is worth investing in the process.

Even more important is avoiding the curse of perfection. You don't want to over polish your writing diamonds because you risk losing the meaning, message, or uniqueness of your voice. Make then rich, unique, relevant, informative AND REMARKABLE.

So, once you are ready to publish your blog post, article, white paper, or book, you can move to the production stage.

Above all else, it is essential that you approach the publishing process with a professional attitude. Take time to follow these steps:

1. Design

Probably the most important aspect to consider is the design of your publication. First impressions count. Your audience will judge your online and offline publications within seconds. Good design will keep them on the page long enough to start reading your content.

2. Layout

Similarly, the layout of your content is crucial to keep your audience's attention. Part of layout includes navigation of your website, blog, social media page, etc. Break the text with subheadings and images. Furthermore, make sure your images are relevant to the message in the text.

3. Typography

Finally, spend time on the typography of your content. "Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed," Wikipedia. If you don't have a good eye for design, then we have graphic designers on our team who can assist.

"Copy, art, and typography should be seen as a living entity; each element integrally related, in harmony with the whole, and essential to the execution of an idea."
—Paul Rand

Our mission at Writing Diamonds is to empower you to execute your ideas through publishing multi-media content, in various formats and lengths.

The Publishing stage has a number of facets to it, including the design and format your writing diamond is set in. We are experienced in online and offline publishing, from marketing brochures and articles, through to books and ebooks.

Talk to our team to discuss your project, and how we can help you write, edit, and publish.

Publishing Your Content: Don't Forget to Proofread

Once design, layout, and topography is completed, and before you go to press, or hit the "publish" button on your software, print off a hard proof. Take your time to give your finished work a proofread. Correct any errors. Then do another print out, and another proofread. We recommend that you get a fresh pair of eyes to look over the proofs too.

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