Writing Diamonds Academy is no longer accepting new members. However, we are getting ready to launch our new inside-out entrepreneurship training program with KESWIN™ Academy.  The program is similar to the one offered by Writing Diamonds Academy, after all, it has been developed by our founder, Deb Donnell. The biggest difference is that there is a much greater emphasis on identifying your personal talents and attributes before you begin to set up your passion-based business.

Why is it so Important About Building a Passion-Based Business?

Are Your Retirement Years Just Ahead?

Will you have enough retirement income to have a comfortable lifestyle? According to a 2016 GoBankingRates survey, most Baby Boomers won't because they are behind on their retirement savings. Gen-Xers are heading down a similar path too. Are you worried about there being too many years left at the end of your money?

Will You Have to Keep Working Past 65?

If so, what are your job prospects like? With technology evolving to replace the work-force, it may be tougher than you think to keep your job, or find a new one. Will your retirement income, savings, and assets be enough for you to survive on?

Have You Considered Passive Income Ideas?

If you have, achieving this dream may be much easier than you think! The best way is to build a business from your valuable diamonds. These are created from your lifetime of Knowledge, Experiences, Skills, Wisdom, Ideas, and Networks (your KESWIN™).

Our Entrepreneurship System Empowers You to Build a Retirement-Proof Business

When you become a member of our Academy, you will have access to all the resources you need to build an authoritative business through content marketing and book publishing.

With the support of your assigned coach, our trainers and friendly membership community, you will:

Bring Your Hidden Gems to the Surface

Possibly you are unaware of the KESWIN™ (your diamonds) you have created. Your coach will work with you to bring them up from deep within your subconscious into the conscious, so that you can start to mine them.

Add Valuable Products and Services

Create passive income through eCommerce. Turn your promotional content into authoritative books, courses, and consulting services. Market your expertise to your subscribers and target audience.

Discover Your Valuable Diamonds

You will be coached through the process of identifying the gems you have created through your lifetime, and how they can be transformed into products and services you can earn passive-income from.

Grow Your Audience and Subscribers

You will learn how to write and share gem-quality writing diamonds through blog posts, articles, courses, and books. This is known as content marketing and is crucial for building your online authority.

Build Your Online Business Premises

Your membership includes a fully managed WordPress-style website. You don't need technical skills to build it. You will get simple instructions to make it look and feel professional and uniquely yours.

Rinse, Repeat, and Enjoy ‘Retirement’

As the respected, valuable go-to expert on your topic, you don't have to retire. You love having a positive impact on your customers. So keep on producing more brilliant, valuable and unique diamonds!

KESWIN™ Academy's Doors Will Open Soon

Our communities are kept small (maximum 100 members) so that you get the gem-quality experience as a member of our Academy. We are looking for Charter Members for KESWIN™ Academy now..

As a Charter Member you get hands on support and training from our Founder, Deb Donnell, as we build the training material for our new KESWIN™ Entrepreneurship System.  You will be beta testing our training, which is delivered in live interactive online workshops. This provides us with feedback on what is working, and what we could be doing better. Don't let this put you off... as a beta tester, you will be building your business for less investment, and lots more value.

Pre-Register Now as a Charter Member

Charter Members get 50% off the monthly fee to access KESWIN™ Academy.  This is a lifetime discount, as a thank you for your support and feedback as we cut and polish the training modules to gem quality standards. To register your interest, please complete the form now.

By pre-registering you will be sent information and updates relating to KESWIN™ Academy to your inbox.  You can unsubscribe at any time, and we comply with the primary international privacy regulations (currently EU-GDPR) as well as the New Zealand Privacy Act (1990).

Note: Writing Diamonds Academy and KESWIN™ Academy are both 100% owned by Deb Donnell's companies, Writing Diamonds Ltd and Keswin Publishing Ltd.  Best Security and Privacy Standards are adhered to, ensuring your personal data is safe and never passed onto a third party. For more info, please refer to our Terms, Policies, and Disclaimers.

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