Writing Diamonds Academy empowers Baby Boomers to build passion-based businesses through content marketing and book publishing training in our friendly and supportive member-only community.

Are Your Retirement Years Just Ahead?

Will you have enough retirement income to have a comfortable lifestyle? According to a 2016 GoBankingRates survey, most Baby Boomers won't because they are behind on their retirement savings. Are you one of them?

Will You Have to Keep Working Past 65?

If so, what are your job prospects like? With technology evolving to replace the work-force, it may be tougher than you think to keep your job, or find a new one. Will your retirement income be enough for you to survive on?

Have You Considered Passive Income Ideas?

If you have, achieving this dream may be much easier than you think! The best way is to build a business from your valuable diamonds. These are created from your lifetime of Knowledge, Experiences, Skills, Wisdom, Ideas, and Networks.

Writing Diamonds Academy Empowers You to Build a Retirement-Proof Business

When you become a member of Writing Diamonds Academy, you will have access to all the resources you need to build an authoritative business through content marketing and book publishing.

With the support of your assigned coach, our trainers and friendly membership community, you will:

Writing Diamonds Academy

Bring Your Hidden Gems to the Surface

Possibly you are unaware of the diamonds you have created. Your coach will work with you to bring them up from deep within your subconscious into the conscious, so that you can mine them.

Discover Your Valuable Diamonds

You will be coached through the process of identifying the gems you have created through your lifetime, and how they can be transformed into products and services you can earn passive-income from.

Build Your Online Business Premises

Your membership includes a fully managed WordPress-style website. You don't need technical skills to build it. You will get simple instructions to make it look and feel professional and uniquely yours.

Grow Your Audience and Subscribers

You will learn how to write and share gem-quality writing diamonds through blog posts, articles, courses, and books. This is known as content marketing and is crucial for building your online authority.

Add Valuable Products and Services

Create passive income through eCommerce. Turn your promotional content into authoritative books, courses, and consulting services. Market your expertise to your subscribers and target audience.

Rinse, Repeat, and Enjoy ‘Retirement’

As the respected, valuable go-to expert on your topic, you don't have to retire. You love having a positive impact on your customers. So keep on producing more brilliant, valuable and unique diamonds!

Writing Diamonds Academy's Doors Are Open Now

Our community is kept small so that you get the gem-quality experience as a member of Writing Diamonds Academy. We only open our doors to new members twice a year.

Our current memberships on offer is a Charter Membership. This is open to a limited number of individuals, who will get hands on support and training from Writing Diamonds Academy's Founder, Deb Donnell, as we develop our new training program.

As a Charter Member, you will be beta testing our training, which is delivered in live interactive online workshops, to provide us with feedback on what is working, and what we could be doing better. Don't let this put you off... as a beta tester, you will be building your business for less investment, and lots more value.

Join Now as a Charter Member

Charter Members pay a reduced monthly fee to access Writing Diamonds Academy (value is normally US$349 per month). You will be required to attend weekly online workshops, which will be recorded for future members to access as part of the self-driven training materials.

These weekly workshops will run for 90 minutes. They will be recorded, however, we recommend that you do attend them if possible. We have scheduled them on the same day and time each week. (Please convert to your time zone if not listed).

Weekly Workshop Times

  • United States, PDT: Wednesday, 2:30 p.m.
  • United States, EDT: Wednesday, 5:30 p.m.
  • United Kingdom, BST: Wednesday, 10:30 p.m.
  • New Zealand, NZST: Thursday, 9:30 a.m.
  • Australia, AEST: Thursday 7:30 a.m.
Charter Membership Includes

Standard Membership Features, Plus...

You help our Founder, Deb Donnell, develop out the new 12-month training program for future members.

Bonus Add-ons:

  • Lifetime Access for One-Time Payment*
  • Group Mentored Workshops
  • Live, Interactive Training Sessions
  • Community Limited to a maximum of 50 Members
  • Two-Way Feedback with Deb Donnell
  • Training is Tailored to Group Needs
  • And lots more!

Charter Membership Fee:

  • Group Mentored Membership Value US$349/month
  • Charter Member Fee US$99/month
    (save US$250/month)

To join as a Charter Member now, please click on the registration button below, and complete the new account form.

Standard Membership Includes
  • WD Mine Claim (Managed WordPress Website)
  • Full access to Writing Diamond Academy (Online Network)
  • Seven Self-Study Training Modules (Progressive)
  • Pre-Recorded Video Training with Transcripts
  • Weekly Progress Monitored by Accountability Coach
  • 15 Minute Coaching Session per Month
  • Additional Coaching via Ticketing System
  • Weekly Coaching Q&A Hour (All Members)
  • Forum Discussions and Study Groups
  • Friendly Supportive Community (100 Members)
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Bonus Live Events and Webinars
  • Library and Resource Center
  • Writing Diamonds Bourse (Trading Center)
  • Recommended Suppliers of Software, Products and Services
  • Writing Diamonds Peace of Mind Guarantee
  • And Lots More!

Standard Membership is a recurring payment of US$99/month, minimum 12 month recommended membership period.

Please read our Terms, Policies and Disclaimers as you will be agreeing to these when you register your account.

Member Testimonials

Do You Have a Peace of Mind Guarantee?

We sure do! We stand by our training, coaching, mentoring and commitment to our members. Our goal is to have you transform your ideas and hobbies into a revenue earning business by the end of your first year.

Therefore, when you have completed your first 12 month membership period, and applied all of our training, as instructed, and your revenue from your business for those 12 months does not exceed your membership fee we will REFUND the difference*!

This is provided you have:

  • completed 12 months membership,
  • studied all seven Writing Diamonds Training Modules,
  • passed all assignments,
  • attended 95% of required training events and coaching sessions.

*The difference is your Membership fee less your business revenue. Writing Diamonds Ltd will process the refund of the difference once appropriate evidence (such as certified bank and financial statements) is supplied to and reviewed by our Executive Team.

Important Information

Please note: Writing Diamonds Academy is NOT a money making, get rich quick, or overnight success magic bullet program. Results may vary greatly between individuals and are solely dependent on your efforts. See our earnings disclaimer.

We recommend that you allow one year to study and apply the seven training modules in our curriculum to your business. All assignments focus on taking the necessary steps to establish and grow your authority brand. In order to build a successful business in a year you need to invest a minimum of twenty hours per week. If you cannot commit this amount of time, it will take you longer to complete the training modules and achieve your goals. While 20 hours a week may seem a lot if you are a full-time employee, it is important to consider this an investment in your future.

"Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you’ll make a living, if you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune." Jim Rohn

Minimum Required Technology

All members need to have access to the following technology.

  • Computer or laptop (with current version of Operating System supported*)
  • Colour printer
  • Digital camera (with high res pixels)
  • Internet Connection (high speed, such as Ultra Fast Fibre, Faster VDSL or Fast ADSL)
  • VOIP headphones (with microphone)
  • Word Processing Software (we recommend Microsoft Office Word)
  • Email account
  • Pen
  • Spiral bound notebook (preferably unlined)
  • Countdown timer (watch, smartphone or other timing device)

*Technology Notes

  • Your Operating System Version must be supported by its issuer (i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, or Mac OS 10.9 - 10.12, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra). 
  • All training demonstrations are carried out on a Windows Operating System.
  • Please ensure that all software and apps you use are updated to the latest versions.
  • We do not recommend any public cloud services or hosted software, including Dropbox, Google Docs, etc. These are not suitable for business purposes, as they do not adequately protect your intellectual property and other business assets.
  • You will learn more on cyber-security and cyber-risks throughout our training.

Please read our Terms, Policies and Disclaimers as you will be agreeing to these when you register your account.

Writing Diamonds Academy

We are opening the doors to Writing Diamonds Academy for a short time only. This is a private, online network open to a limited number of members.

The Writing Diamonds Academy provides all the training, tools, resources and support that you need to build a successful content marketing and book publishing business for a low monthly fee.

The Writing Diamonds Academy mission is to empower you to control your life, your income, and your destiny. Are you ready to become part of our community today?

Please read our Terms, Policies and Disclaimers as you will be agreeing to these when you register your account.